Frequently Asked Questions


What is your current Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating?
While it’s not a perfect source, the BBB is a third party organization that tracks consumer complaints. You can find information about a moving company at Even the best moving companies will have some complaints against them. The more moves they do each year, the higher the likelihood for complaints, seeing that things sometimes do go awry during a move. Review the nature of the complaints and how the company handled them. A good company will try to resolve any complaints, while unprofessional movers will not ever bother with them. Choose a company with a BBB rating that is ‘satisfactory’ or better and look for the BBB accreditation.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing my own packing?
Doing your own packing is great way to reduce the overall cost of moving. However, it is critical to have the movers pack your breakables in order for the items to be covered for breakage. The Moving Doctor can provide partial, or full packing services.


Can a mover move my paint, gas cans, or propane tanks?
No. Movers cannot move hazardous materials including paint, acids, explosives, compressed gases, gasoline, or stains or varnishes.

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